suitcase crosley record player

After the last online purchase I made, I was quite sure that I’ll only buy dairy products in physical stores. Buying online is cheaper, with bigger supply and the only thing you have to do is to plan everything in time, because the delivery takes 1-3 days. Furthermore, you can get infinite information literally about any kind of product, that you are looking for.

Now I have this knowledge but…unfortunately I learned It the hard way. Even I experienced the lack of skills of the store employment and the scamming attitude of the salespersons, but I didn’t learn from that.

One very nice record player - suitcase

Last time I wanted to buy turntable to my daughter just in order to make sure she’ll know what a vinyl is. I visited 1 music store and 2 hypermarkets in our town, and the result was catastrophic.

The music store had only low quality products with high prices. The hypermarkets did have better turntables, but there was not a single person who could give me advice about which to choose. They just wanted to sell me the most expensive product, without asking about my preferences. I wanted to blow up the whole place…I don’t know why it works this way…

I went home and searched for the term “record player” and within 2 minutes I found 5 sites that looked useful. After further investigations I realised that only one of them was reliable, the others wanted to fool me (again…). But at that time I had a point to start: a site with honest information.

With some deeper research I found the best record player within an hour here: – Crosley record players It cost much less than the one they wanted to sell me in the music store, and I got professional help by the site owner as well, not like in the hypermarket. It costed $320, but I’m satisfied with the outcome. It has great quality and it has every feature I wanted.

Now I’m going to introduce the art of a vinyl to my daughter!